DJ Schedule

Hey everyone -- we interrupt this previously scheduled information to make some important PSAs:
1. We are in an urban environment. Don't leave anything visible in your car. You might not think it's valuable, but someone else might want it anyway. Don't tempt them; help keep your car and your stuff safe.
2. We want to remind y'all that Boogie is a scent-free space, so please, no perfumes, colognes, scented lotions, or essential oils. They have serious, negative effects on some of us. If you seem perfume-y, you might be subjected to a friendly sniff-test. There may be a hair product you just used, or a scented lotion you just applied, that you don't even smell any longer but could cause health problems for our dancers.
And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. :-)
Happy new year!  Be sure to keep that resolution to dance more!
February 2 -- Christina -- In celebration of Black History Month, most of the music will be from black artists (including African, Brazilian, Jamaican, etc.), plus there will be songs with messages about the civil rights movement and maybe some historic (non-singer) voices in the mix as well.  It's going to be soulful, funky, inspiring and, of course, fun! And yes, there will be chocolate.  :-)
February 9 -- Geej -- Geej's style is all about Funk!  He mixes up old school traditions and new school styles and also loves to mix it up in tempo, dynamics and variety, from the downtempo world lusciousness of Kaya Project to the uptempo world-infused funk of Mo' Horizons.  Geej has a great sensitivity and feel for timing, mixing, and sensing what the room requires at any given moment, watching the energy of the dancefloor.
February 16 -- Jeremy -- It's Valentine's Day weekend, and we think one great thing to do to add more love to the world is to dance in community, so join us at Barefoot Boogie on February 16 and lift your spirits at our dancing love-fest! Wear red or purple or pink if you can to add to the visual beauty of the night.  Jeremy will be bringing the music, and he'll be adding an extra dose of "love vibe" to his magical mix, where you will hear world music, funk, soul, blues, house, electronica, beautiful vocals, and more.
February 23 -- Clari -- Primarily being a dancer at heart, Clari is moved by the different genres, rhythms, and tempos of all kinds of music. With musical ingredients of funk, house, rock, electronic, jazz, classical, R&B, and playful oldies (to spice things up), Clari stirs up a melting pot of African, Latin, Middle Eastern, Celtic, and the Americas.
March 1 -- TBA -- perhaps Emmet
March 8 -- NO BOOGIE due to another event in the studio.