DJ Schedule

Hey everyone -- we interrupt this previously scheduled information to make some important PSAs:
1. We are in an urban environment. Don't leave anything visible in your car. You might not think it's valuable, but someone else might want it anyway.
2. We want to remind y'all that Boogie is a scent-free space, so please, no perfumes, colognes, scented lotions, or essential oils. They have serious, negative effects on some of us. If you seem perfume-y, you might be subjected to a friendly sniff-test. While many folks say "I don't wear any kind of fragrance," there may be a hair product they just used, or a scented lotion they just applied, or they sat in a cloud of incense before coming to Boogie.
And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. :-)
January 6 -- Geej!  Geej has been a staple of the Bay Area freeform dance scene since 1996 and a resident DJ at many Bay Area dances.  He is the Global Tribal Funk DJ spinning lush and funky tracks from everywhere. Geej's style is all about Funk!  He mixes up old school traditions and new school styles and also loves to mix it up in tempo, dynamics and variety, from the downtempo world lusciousness of Kaya Project to the uptempo world-infused funk of Mo' Horizons.  Geej has a great sensitivity and feel for timing, mixing, and sensing what the room requires at any given moment, watching the energy of the dancefloor.
January 13 -- DJ Darkcherub --  Julian (dark cherub) has been playing piano for 20 years and first started mixing at his house in Sacramento around 2010. Since 2012 has played numerous clubs, festivals, and ecstatic dance type of gatherings. The music he likes to play for Boogie includes funk, blues, jazz, and world. He is a connoisseur of good vibes and host to Ecstatic Dance Sacramento.
January 20 -- Christina says: "I'm thinking of Martin Luther King, Jr., and there will be a "freedom" theme woven through the night. The music will be rich, varied, funky, and heartful -- Latin, African, funk, happy house, current pop, old favorites, deep downtempo, emotional vocals, blues and beyond."
January 27 -- Barefoot Boogie's Black and White Anniversary Party! -- Christina and Clari will deejay. Break out your playa wear, nun and zebra outfits, penguin costumes, sexy, silly, whatever! There will be costumes and dress-up stuff to share in case you need some wardrobe assistance or just want to be able to display multiple dance personalities that evening.