DJ Schedule

Happy new year to all! There are Sunday dances happening only occasionally for the time being, no matter what the MeetUp says. We are still negotiating with Finn Hall, hoping to dance there more regularly. Our Friday dances are usually (but not always) the third Friday of the month.
We hope you'll join us Friday, March 10, for another night of Freestyle Friday at the beautiful Finnish Hall in Berkeley! (The one on Chestnut Street.) The hours of the dance will be 7:45 (or so) until 10pm.
DJ FlowBliss!
DJ FlowBliss is a musical alchemist who knows how to stir the dance floor. She creates a sonic tapestry that weaves together celestial grooves, tribal world rhythms, funky remixes, down-tempo dance dub, and an eclectic selection of tracks tailored to what the dance floor needs. DJ FlowBliss blends the rhythms of ancient cultures with modern beats, creating a unique sonic landscape.
Bliss isn't just a DJ - she's an ecstatic dancer herself, and her music reflects that deep connection to the dance floor. She understands the power of music to connect people not just to themselves, but to each other, and she uses her skills to create a safe, inclusive space where everyone can let go and let the music move them.
Finn Hall is a big, beautiful studio with lots of ventilation and lots of room for us to spread out:
Entry is $20. Pay at the door or pre-pay:
Venmo: @Christina-tuccillo
We love having Friday night dances in Berkeley! The plan is to be at Finn Hall on Friday nights, whenever we can get them, possibly with only a few days' notice, and we will be bringing in lots of new DJs. Join the new Facebook Group, "Freestyle Friday", and/or Barefoot Boogie. We will also be having occasional Zoom dances. This new dance is called Freestyle Friday, but we're posting information here since FF doesn't have a website...just a Facebook group.
The hours will be 7:45-10pm; entry fee is $20 and up, sliding scale. Get in touch if that's a challenge for you -- we need some folks to join the crew!
The studio no longer requires vaccination, just recommends it. Masks are welcome. 
The info below is for Zoom dances, which are happening only occasionally now:
If you'd like to donate for our (almost) weekly dances, here's how:
Paypal or Zelle to or
Venmo @Christina-Tuccillo

Props we often use include:  fun hats, light-weight scarves, stuffed animals, and a light you can hold or wear
Zoom dances are more fun when more folks have their cameras on, so please do! This is a community event, and we all need to contribute in some way to keeping up the vibe.

Message me ahead of time if you'd like to attend but I might not recognize your name. Otherwise I might not let you into the Zoom room (in order to avoid Zoom bombing). Thank you!
Each week I will post the Zoom link here and in our Facebook group about 15 minutes before the start of the dance.
Our usual format:
7:30 - Arrival -- you will start in a virtual "waiting room" and be allowed in, which is a Zoom feature to prevent Zoom bombing. (You may arrive at any time -- I'll let you in whenever you arrive.)
7:30 - 7:45 -- Warm-up dancing, with music increasing slightly in tempo and energy -- cameras off for fewer distractions, so we can really unwind
7:45 - 8:45 -- Uptempo music
8:45 - 9 -- Cool-down, slow music
9 - 9:15 -- Closing “circle” and chat for those who wish
If you'd like to donate, here's how:
Paypal to or
Venmo @Christina-Tuccillo
Our time zone is Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-7.
To join in, you need to have the (free) Zoom application on your device, but you do not need to sign up for a Zoom account or need to login to Zoom. If you don’t have Zoom installed on your device, and you try clicking the meeting link, it will  prompt you to download or install Zoom right then. So ahead of time, it’s best to install it before the dance: .
(On computers, the application is called “Zoom Client for Meetings.” If you search for ZOOM in the app store, it will be called “ZOOM Cloud Meetings, Meet Happy.”)