DJ Schedule

Hey everyone -- we interrupt this previously scheduled information to make some important PSAs:
1. We are in an urban environment. Don't leave anything visible in your car. You might not think it's valuable, but someone else might want it anyway.
2. We want to remind y'all that Boogie is a scent-free space, so please, no perfumes, colognes, scented lotions, or essential oils. They have serious, negative effects on some of us. If you seem perfume-y, you might be subjected to a friendly sniff-test. While many folks say "I don't wear any kind of fragrance," there may be a hair product they just used, or a scented lotion they just applied, or they sat in a cloud of incense before coming to Boogie.
And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. :-)
December 2 -- Julian returns with his jazzy, funky, world-influenced mix!
December 9 -- Christina -- The theme is "dreams." In this dark time of year, let's enjoy what the night can bring and also dream of brighter times. The music will include world, funk, pop, blues, emotional vocals, house, and beautiful electronica.
December 16 -- DJ Rinpoche will be our guest DJ, visiting from upstate New York.
He is a 30-year veteran of NYC clubs, lounges and events, whose ecstatic dance tradition started with Gabrielle Roth at the beginning of 5 Rhythms. In the last decade he has been associated with the Warwick Valley Community Center where he hosted both dance and drum circle events. On the west coast he has been a regular DJ at Freestyle Dance Jam Pacific Grove and the NCDC camps.
"As a dancer first, I play for the experiences I enjoy most. Traveling without leaving the room. The playful connection, the integration of mind, body, and soul, the grounding and the elation. For me there is no greater ritual or more accepting community. Time to get your groove on."
December 23 -- Jeremy -- Jeremy's tastes in music encompass classic and contemporary funk, world music, R&B hits, blues, and the occasional oldie. He crafts landscapes of varied and emotional textures, loves brass and cello, and looks for music that gives a palpable sense of the artist's soul coming through. If it don't make him move, he ain't gonna play it. Jeremy also tastefully weaves live percussion into his sets.
December 30 -- Barefoot Boogie will be closed.