DJ Schedule

Hey everyone -- we interrupt this previously scheduled announcement to remind y'all that Boogie is a scent-free space, so please, no perfumes, colognes, scented lotions, or essential oils. They have serious, negative effects on some of us.
This could mean that you are subjected to a respectful sniff-test, because we find that while many folks say "But I don't wear any kind of fragrance," they are often not thinking about the hair product they just used, or the scented lotion they just applied, or the cloud of incense they were sitting in for several hours before coming to Boogie.
Thanks for respecting our scent-free guidelines!
July 2 -- DJ Dark Cherub -- Dark Cherub is a dj project that has turned into a path of discovery. Julian (Dark Cherub) has been playing piano for 20 years. He first started mixing at his house in Sacramento around 2010, and since 2012 he has played numerous clubs, festivals, and ecstatic dance-type gatherings. His favorite styles include 60s psychedelic funk, blues, and breakbeats. His background as a Reiki healer, well-rounded musician, and altogether lover of music and dance radiate through his character as a glowing ball of positive energy. He truly loves to provide a platform for freeform expression and positive transformation.
This sonic space ninja is bringing you an arsenal of the funkiest and grooviest beats and bass lines for your personal dance journey. He brings you the heavenly flavors of modern-day computers with the organic element of Love, blended with a taste for soft, calm world music that is bound to soothe your soul.
July 9 -- Christina -- she'll be bringing lots of yummy new music as well as old favorites. She likes lots of different flavors and textures, from deep and inward to playful and connecting, from flow to staccato to chaos, including world, pop, blues, funk, happy house, positive hip-hop, and more. You can expect ecstatic highs as well as trancey downtempo tracks and emotional vocals.
July 16 -- DJ Dark Cherub returns!  (See above.)
July 23 -- TBA
July 30 -- TBA