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Barefoot Boogie/Freestyle Friday is one of a number of conscious dance events in the Bay Area. It's an "ecstatic dance" that's been in existence since the mid-'80s with its own unique flavor. It's more than a workout or dance party -- it's a place to connect deeply to yourself and others. It's a place for self-expression, connection, and community. 


There is no instruction, just a DJ who plays a great mix of music to encourage all kinds of movement and creative self-expression. On any given night you will hear world music (Latin, African, Brazilian, etc.), blues, house, pop, oldies, beautiful electronica, and emotional vocals. There will be a variety of moods, tempos, and styles, with music that has heart and soul as well as beat. You’ll hear some things that are familiar, whether current radio hits or favorite "oldies," some that are new and unfamiliar, and some things that may even surprise you. You may find yourself dancing to things you never expected you’d dance to.


This is a smoke-free, alcohol-free, scent-free, and ear-friendly freestyle dance event. Our dancers tend to dress casually. Non-marking dance shoes are welcome on the beautiful hardwood floor. (We might have to test them to be sure they won't leave marks.)


The dance provides a casual, friendly environment where you can express yourself freely, a healthy alternative to the club scene, a space that’s free of smoke and alcohol and is ear-friendly. We are a scent-free environment as some of our dancers are allergic to scented products. Rather than a non-stop electronic beat, our deejays play a wide range of music that will move you on many levels. Real music for real people!


You can dance alone, with a partner, or even with a group of people depending on the mood of the moment. This is a place where you can do your own dance in a creative, connected community space. We hope you'll join us!